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    In the majority of cases, we require participants to bring their own torch. Your torch must have hoses with standard threaded fittings, ready to screw on to our system. Do not come with barb ends or cut off line. Will any of this be an issue for you?

    Are you comfortable sharing your torch with other artists who use a comparable torch?

    ***** Please read and reply to each statement below: *****

    ~I understand that torch slots at The Armadillo Art Glass Initiative are very limited and that AAGI will not be able to accommodate all requests for torch time.

    ~I understand that glassblowers will be chosen at the discretion of The Armadillo Art Glass Initiative founders. I understand that this is a juried process based on work, experience, and potential to make the most of the time allotment, in order to raise the most money for the charity.

    ~I understand that it will be of utmost importance to arrive 15 minutes prior to my scheduled time and that if I do not arrive on time, I will not be able to work any longer than my original time allotment. If I think I will need more time then I am scheduled for, I understand that I may come with prepped work.

    ~I understand that if I come with prepped work that needs to go into a cold kiln, I must bring it 30 minutes prior to the start of the day. If I do not, I may be putting my prep into a heated kiln.

    ~I understand that glass will be slightly limited at the event. Clear and joints will be available but are being donated so must be used properly and sparingly, not to be wasted. Some color will be available, will be handed out under supervision of The Armadillo Art Glass Initiative, and must be used properly and not wasted.

    ~I understand that torch time at The Armadillo Art Glass Initiative is a precious commodity, and that it must be used with the intention of producing quality, sell-able work in order to raise as much money as possible for the charity. I will be expected to make a piece(s) I can land in my time allotment and will not use my torch time to experiment with new techniques.

    ~I understand that all work that is is made at The Armadillo Art Glass Initiative main event is property of The Armadillo Art Glass Initiative. This is absolutely final and is not up for discussion.

    Please provide website and/or social media handles where we can see your work.