7 Ways to Get Involved

1. Donate Money – The funds you donate here, go directly to MOWCTX through our secure online link.  This donation adds to our Main Event totals for 2017. DONATE HERE

2. Donate Art – AAGI depends on art donations. Either donated by mail or at the door, each year the art we receive find homes via silent auctions, live auction, direct donation sale, or wholesale later in the year to benefit Meals On Wheels Central Texas . We also depend on donations at the door and throughout the year to make a successful event. If you would like to donate something you have created please CLICK THIS LINK for mailing address and info.

3. Volunteer – From hanging posters to offering legal services, we can utilize any skills you may bring to the table. We cannot hold our event without the tireless efforts of many volunteers and we depend on and appreciate each one of you for your support, energy, and time to make our events a success. If you are interested in volunteering please CLICK THIS LINK.

4. Participate – We love to offer torch time to glass artists who would like to sculpt and melt for our cause. We do the best we can, but just ask that you be courteous, understanding, and keep in mind that the more artists we include the harder it is to organize and to make everyone happy. We would love to have everyone, but have a limited number of demo slots available.  Our events include a variety of arts so participation is not only limited to glassblowers, but artists of any glass medium, metal workers, ceramic shapers, painters, musicians, and foodies. If you are interested in participating in a torch demo please CLICK THIS LINK. (Space is Limited)

5. Vend – We value everyone’s contribution to our community. Vending space is open to crafters, distributors, and foodies that would like to peddle their wares. No imports! Our goal is to continue to move our event toward art festival status and to let it serve as a meeting grounds for like minded folks in our region. If you are interested in vending please CLICK THIS LINK to contact us.

6. Attend – With glass melting and flames dancing our event is quite the sight to see.  Come down and bring the friends to support to a great cause, Meals On Wheels Central Texas, while getting a great show.  For location and schedule please CLICK THIS LINK.

7. Sponsor – Our event would not be possible without the financial support of our sponsors.  Armadillo Art Glass Initiative’s operating budget comes from our sponsors to allow us the greatest donation possible. For information on sponsorship levels and opportunities, please CLICK THIS LINK.